Can you become a programmer? What is that 21 days challenge? Why is it 21days? Are you an upcoming programmer? Does practice make a man perfect?

"You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination”

Personal Experience by, Thirisha J from KG College of Arts and Science

There are many ways to learn about technology or skills. However, the best one is through applying your knowledge of the same because it gives you real-life experience.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity “

Yahhhh! Here is where my journey starts on a 21 days challenge. As a freshman in college I have been participating in many events and programs. Likewise, I started this challenge. Firstly, when I beacame aware of this challenge it was based on frontend coding(html ,css and js).I already have experience in completing my frontend code in Freecode camp. So, I thought it would be easier for me to do this task. Hence, I took up this challenge!. Then my mentors told me to check my mail.I was shocked to see that the task will be posted at 4.00am. Oops! Then I remembered saying this already in a virtulal meeting by my mentors. But the solace part was,time duration was till 10.00pm.I thought of doing this before my bed and this has been fixed in my mine.The next day, I wasn't alarmed, I wasn't make to woke up by my mom, I wasn't woke up by the cring of the birds, there was no bomb blast,my mom didn't turn off the fan, nor did a horror dream wake me up. But, I woke up! at 4.00 am sharpe. Though the task had been fixed in my mind I was made to wake up by my own eagerness toward doing this task. Then after that I didn't want tosleep. I checked my mailbox. I was surprised to see the mail which I had received timestamped 'justnow' I opened it and saw a question which had been posted by my mentor. I was already instructed to work on codepen.I was already familiar with it and I started working on that. As usual it took me time to complete this code(html,css,js) . I completed it too. As I had heard that the best practice of doing code or programming is to copy and paste from another source, I also did the same. I copied and pasted the code and made the changes which satisfied my needs but the question which was given by our mentor was not easier which could ve easily copied from another source. It was created by them. So that was our challenge point, to make our own code untile we reach the same perfection

Here is an simple example for you,

Expected output,

My result,

Similar right?

Yahhh! I was able to complete this. I rejoiced about that. Then after I started waking up early in the morning and doing the task given. Sometimes it would be too difficult because the expected result won't come, sometimes it took time to complete. But I did not lose my hope or give up. I was regularly working on that and making the expected output of the day. It was the perfect period of time to learn the front-end languages and I got used to it. Day by day it became my routine. I was able to complete my different tasks daily. My 21 days finally ended.It gave me full satisfaction that I have completed my 21days task. My teachers, appreciated me and my friends for completing the task

Do you know?

21 days is a comfortable time period to build and maintain a new habit. During the 3 weeks, you learn what it takes to cultivate this habit and whether this is a habit you want to stick with for life.

So it became a practice for me to wake up at 4.00 am and do something. Now-a-days I used to search and write the tech news of the day, workout, learn some useful updates or write a blog.My day starts off peacefully.

Hence, this was my best ever daily task in my life.

"Excuses will always be there for you. Opportunity won’t. So take up the opportunities available to you. You can succeed."

Thank you..!




Hey! Am Thirisha J. A youth writer, Am here to share my knowledge to this world. Be the single version to select you not be the option for others to choose you.

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Thirisha J

Thirisha J

Hey! Am Thirisha J. A youth writer, Am here to share my knowledge to this world. Be the single version to select you not be the option for others to choose you.

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